How to tame a horse in minecraft

How to tame a horse in minecraft

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft | 5 Easy Steps Guide

How to tame a horse in Minecraft has been a riddle for some time, but let’s solve it in just five easy steps. Who does not want to tame and ride a horse while playing Minecraft? Everyone wants to feel the wind and thrill of riding a horse. But not to forget your saddle at home as the saddle is essential in taming and riding.

Minecraft Donkey

Required items to Ride a Horse in Minecraft

  • A Minecraft Saddle for your horse
  • A horse
  • Golden Apples (at least 16)
  • Armor for the horse (Not necessary)

How to make a saddle in Minecraft?

minecraft horse with a saddle

Minecraft Saddle, to your surprise, it cannot be made. Instead, you have to find it everywhere you can. Find it in dungeons, caves, mineshafts, temples, and every chest you come across because there’s a high chance you will find one in there.

Steps to make Minecraft Horse

Now, you have a Minecraft saddle, let’s go to the first step.

Step 1

Let’s find a horse in a field in the Minecraft. Horses can be found in your nearby ground grazing. Pick a beautiful one.

Step 2

Now it’s time to take the apples out that you brought with yourself. After that, feed the horse the apples. You will know that it’s well-fed when the hearts will start to be seen on the screen.

Step 3

minecraft horse in a farm

Once Minecraft horse is chosen, try to tame it. As, you can’t sit on it and take it away. So, you will have to ride on it several times, and the horse will kick you off many times unless you can tame it. As soon as it is tamed, you will see hearts on the screen fo your hard work.

Buttons to Tame a Horse in Minecraft:

How to tame a horse in Minecraft ps4, you will press the L2 button of your controller. Additionally, for XBOX 360 press LT and on Nintendo Switch, press LZ.

Step 4

Now, as the horse is entirely in love with you, sit on the back of the horse and put the armor if you want. It’s very easy as you will have to drag and drop the armor in the horse’s armor’s slot.

Your horse is ready to be lead into the battlefield or where ever you want to take it to.

Step 5

Ride the horse as your hard work has paid off. On pc use WASD to bring the controls of the horse. Moreover, to unmount the horse, press SHIFT key, and you will be unmounted.

minecraft enchanting table

how to breed horses in Minecraft

minecraft horse in garden

If you have a collection of horses you tamed, now it’s right time to breed them and make offsprings. Feed your horse golden apples. It will make them love each other and will produce cute horses after that.

Minecraft Horse Speed, Jumps & Health:

Minecraft horse speed varies from 5 blocks to 14 blocks. But, a very fast horse is not recommended by us because it may be harder for your machine to keep up with it. Moreover, it becomes very difficult to control such a fast horse. Additionally, a horse’s health is from 7.5 to 15 hearts.

Steps to make Minecraft Horse

Furthermore, Jumping will help you jump over the fences and 2 brick walls. You can jump by pressing your space and then releasing it.


Congrats hero, now you have learned how to tame and ride a horse in Minecraft.


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