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How to make an Anvil in Minecraft | Minecraft Anvil Recipe

Minecraft Anvil repair, enchant and rename items as well as it will not affect the enchantments you have done on your items. Like a Minecraft Enchanting Table, it requires your hard-earned experience points and also the items materials. Moreover, Minecraft anvil can be broken overtime every time you use it. So, use it wisely and only when you need it the most. Here we are going to share the best Minecraft Anvil recipe for you by step by step instruction.

Minecraft Anvil Recipe

There are certain items required for making it which will eventually grant you the power of enchanting, renaming and repairing your items

  • Iron Ingot 4
    • Iron Ingots can be found in dungeons, temples, etc as well as you can make it yourself by using the furnace to smelt the iron ore
  • Block of Iron 3
    • Place the iron ingots in 3×3 crafting table and it will produce an iron block for you

Now when you have the items open up the crafting table and place the items in exactly the same manner as I have done in the picture below. Remember that, the pattern is very important and must not be changed:

mincraft anvil crafting recipe

It will produce your anvil where you can perform a number of actions that we have described below.

Minecraft Anvil: How to Repair Items

Repairing items certain materials, for example, if you are repairing Minecraft Diamond Sword, you need to put Sword and Diamond in the repairing interface. It will simply repair your sword in the anvil but it has a limit of 39 levels.

How to Rename Items

Renaming the items is very easy, but also you should know that it will cost you 1 level with the maximum renaming length of 35 letters.

How to Enchant Items

Minecraft anvil will allow you to enchant items by combining two enchanted items. This process will eventually give you a new item that will be enchanted with the powers of both. You can also put an enchanted book with an item which will give you an enchanted item as the result. Also, try to combine two enchanted books in it which will give you a new enchanted book. Moreover, the new book will have both book’s enchantments.

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