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Minecraft Beacon Recipe: How to setup & make a beacon in Minecraft

Minecraft beacon is an amazing addition in the Minecraft Game which is a highly worthy and beloved object. gives you a highly spectacular beam of light and provides you the marvelous powers of the potions. These powerful Minecraft beacons are made by Nether Star and will affect you when you are closer to them. It requires several other items too which we will discuss in detail below. So the first question first:

How to make a beacon in Minecraft

minecraft beacon

In order to create a Minecraft beacon, you require certain Materials first then the crafting work will be done using them.

  • The Nether Star: The Wither is one of the deadliest enemies you will face in Minecraft but Nether star Minecraft can be only be achieved by defeating it in Minecraft.
  • 3 Obsidian: Just go and explore to find lava in a lake. Once found, collect it and put it in a dig. Then, mix it with spring water and mine it later with a diamond pickaxe. It will give you Minecraft Obsidian easily this way
  • 5 Glass: It can simply be obtained by smelting sand in Minecraft blast furnace

You need to put these items exactly in the same manner as shown in the figure above. If you don’t, it will not work out. Nether Star, as you can see is placed in the middle for beacon Minecraft crafting.

Minecraft Beacon Setup

minecraft beacon recepie and setup

Minecraft Beacon Setup needs to be build up in a place where nothing comes in its way and the sky. Moreover, a pyramid-like structure is required for it. But, keep in mind that these structures must be made of gold, emerald, diamond or iron. Create the best Beacon Minecraft by following the setup as shown below will light-up and activate it.

There are several levels of pyramids you can make and each of them will have different results or effects.

  • Single-Level Pyramid:
    • Make a simple 3×3 pyramid structure that will grant you Speed boost and place beacon in the center.
  • Two-Level Pyramid:
    • Two-level pyramid will have a range of 30 blocks. It’s a 3×3 in its first layer and 5×5 in the second layer and will give you Jump Boost.
  • Three-Level Pyramid:
    • Get your Strength a boost by making a three-level ultimate pyramid structure having a range of 40 blocks demanding 7×7 at the bottom, then 5×5 and finally 3×3.
  • Four-Level Pyramid:
    • It’s the most powerful structure and has a beacon range of 50 blocks on all four sides of the pyramid. Moreover, it gives you increased primary powers or the regeneration ability. Additionally, it requires 9×9 blocks at the bottom.

Minecraft Diamond

Beacon Color Change

minecraft-beacon color change

Changing the color of Minecraft Beacon gives it a new life and its a real fun. Moreover, it’s really straightforward to do that and does not require much effort. All you need to do is find a colored stained glass and simply put it on it. Furthermore, mix up different colors to make new-one and then try them by putting over the beacon.

Minecraft Enchantments

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