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Minecraft Console Commands and Cheats: All the Minecraft Commands you need to know

Minecraft Commands will literally give you so much power that you will have a feeling of an idol. You can do almost everything that you think of with the power of these powerful Minecraft Console Commands & Cheats. So, if you want to create some items, or possibly need an enhanced tool, weapon or armor, these commands will be there for you.

It’s the time to start and read it till the end to find out the best command for you:

Minecraft Console Commands

minecraft commands

If you don’t know how to enter in the Minecraft Console, it’s very easy. All you need to do is to press the forward-slash button i.e, (/) and you will be good to go. It will show you a small console window where you can write your commands easily. Then, you can just copy the codes we have written down here and paste them there. It will save your time and effort in writing it.

How to tame a horse in minecraft

Minecraft Help Command

/help [CommandName]

It will give you information regarding the command you have given

Minecraft Teleport Command

/tp [TargetPlayer] x y z

Minecraft Teleport Command is one of the most popular and easy Minecraft command to use. Furthermore, you can use it to teleport any player or yourself to any corner of the world. All you need to do is to write the player’s name as well as the coordinates. So, it will instantly teleport the target to the given location on the Minecraft World.

Short Minecraft Commands

Sometimes you have to select a player but you just don’t want to write the name as some names are so long. So, here we are with some commands that will ease all of such stuff for you.


This command will select the nearest player to you in the game


This command will select all the player within the game


This command will randomly select a player


Select your agents in the game

Minecraft Kill Command


You just can’t kill yourself but also other players only by writing their names after it.

Minecraft Survival Mode Command

/gamemode survival

If you want to fight the mobs in the most popular Minecraft mod then this is the most important Minecraft command for you.

Minecraft Enchant command

/enchant <player> <enchantment ID>[level]

Minecraft enchantment command will instantly enchant the tool or weapon that is in your hand.

Minecraft World Edit Commands

World edit commands will give you the ultimate power to deal with Minecraft World including reloading, checking the version and so on.  Here’s the list of most important of the World Edit Minecraft Commands:

/worldedit reload

In just a moment, The World Edit’s configuration is reloaded by this command

/worldedit tz

Write this command and change your time zone as well as sync it with the time-zone of your choice

/worldedit help [command]

Find all the specific details for the command that you have written in here

Minecraft Instant mine

minecraft mine


All you need to do is to click just one time for mining. Great if you are short of time.

Minecraft Fire damage


Turn the fire damage on or off instantly

Minecraft Item damage


Increases item’s durability for forever

Minecraft Weather command

/weather <clear> OR <rain> OR <thunder>

Change Minecraft weather as you want with this awesome little command.

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