how to tame a donkey in minecraft

Minecraft Donkey

How to Tame and Ride a Donkey in Minecraft

Minecraft Donkeys and mules are the real fun and very helpful in the Game. These will carry your weight and will help you get lighter and the fastest way for transportation. It’s not just speed, but they can jump over fences for you. A difference between Minecraft Horses and Donkeys is that you cannot put armor on the Donkey.

Where do you find Donkeys in Minecraft

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Minecraft Donkeys can as easily found as horses, i.e., in the fields and grazing. They are very adorable and look so cute.

On the other hand, mules are to be bred by yourself. If you have a tamed horse already and you breed it with a tamed Donkey, the result would be a mule which further cannot be reproduced.

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How to Tame a Donkey in Minecraft?

You do not need anything necessarily to tame a donkey in Minecraft. Just keep trying to ride on it until it stops to kick you off it. After that, hearts will appear, which will show that it has tamed and now in your control. After that, you can put chests on it as well as can ride and breed it.

Equip Minecraft Donkey with a chest

After taming the Donkey, you need to have the chest in one of your hands and right-click on the Donkey. It will place it on your Donkey. But remember that you cannot remove it unless you kill a Donkey.

The Donkey can carry up to 15 items in its inventory, making it a useable ally in the Game.

Get a chest off a Donkey

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The chest that you put on a Minecraft Donkey cannot be taken off unless it gets killed. Moreover, when it gets killed it will spill all the items that were in the chest on the ground. Another way is to kill it yourself, and then collect the items from the ground.

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Breed a Donkey in Minecraft

A Donkey can breed with another donkey or a horse. If you breed a Donkey with a Horse, the result will be a mule. You have to feed golden carrots or golden apples to your Donkey to make it fall in love and breed. It will then be happy and produce offsprings.

Minecraft Donkey VS Mule

Minecraft Donkey and Mules are pretty similar, and a horse armor cannot be equipped on both of them. Yet, mules are more physically more substantial than a Donkey as well as more intelligent than a donkey. Mules speed is closer to Horses and better than Donkeys as well as can jump better than Donkey. And yes, you know, mules can’t breed.

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