minecraft enchanting table

minecraft enchanting table

Minecraft Enchanting Table Complete Guide: Setup, Recipe & Language

Minecraft enchanting table will give you the ultimate power to enchant your tools, weapons, or armors and give them special abilities. Here, you will need your experience points the most for enchantments. Remember that, the enchantments will be better if you have a higher-level experience.  But it’s still a form of bet as you will never know what are you going to have. So, it’s risky too a little in case if you don’t get a good enchantment but again, it’s worth taking a risk as Minecraft Enchanting Table does not disappoint mostly.

Let’s dive with us into the details on enchanting table setup and pro tricks to make you an ultimate player in the Game.

minecraft enchanting table

Minecraft Enchanting Table Recipe

Enchanting Table Minecraft is actually a block that will open up a door full of new opportunities to enchant your weapons, tools, and gears. It requires a certain number of items in a specific quantity. In order to make it quickly, let’s find these items first for crafting purpose:

  • 1 Book
    • Books in Minecraft are formed by leather & paper. Leather is easy to gain if you kill some rabbits and cows. On the other hand, to make paper you will need sugar cane.
  • 2 Diamonds
    • Diamonds are found in diamond ores. Luckily we already have a guide on how to find diamonds in Minecraft.
  • 4 Obsidian
    • Obsidian is an important mineral which is gained if you mix up lava with the spring water and then mine it readily with a diamond pickaxe

Now, when everything is ready all you need to do is to place these things in exactly the same manner as shown below in the picture.

minecraft enchanting table recepie


This process will simply create an enchantment table for you.

Observer Minecraft

How to use it

As you have made your enchanting table, now it’s time to move to the next step. All you need to do is to click on the table and it will pop up a new interface for you. Now in front of you, there are two places to paste your items.

  1. The item you want to enchant
  2. Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli has its own ores in Minecraft but these are rare to found as well as very difficult to mine. Dig below the earth from 10 to 27 block and if you would be lucky you will find it. Now, pick it up with stone, iron or diamond pickaxe as no other tool will work. So, remember to keep these things with you. Good luck with your hunt.

One of them is for you to put your item which you want to enchant and second place is to put your Lapis Lazuli

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Minecraft Enchanting Table Bookshelf Layout

With just the basic enchanting table you will not found many good results. So, you must setup Minecraft enchanting table bookshelf layout in good order as we will guide you. Moreover, it will guarantee you the best outcome of your enchantments.

Bookshelf Minecraft will allow you to get the best out of your enchantments and if you create the 15-bookshelf layout around it will give you the maximum enchantments available. Additionally, I have added a very good example of it is given below.

minecraft enchanting table layout

Minecraft Enchanting Table Language

Even though you can translate the language of the enchanting table but still the results would be unexpected. So, translating it is not just worth it but it’s still great fun to do it. Finally, here’s the Minecraft enchanting table language text translator for you:

This is one of the many enchantment languages, If you translate it spells out different random things

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