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Minecraft Enchantments Guide | How to enchant a Tool, Weapon or Armor in Minecraft

Minecraft Enchantments Guide would make you get the most out of your enchantments of pickaxe, weapons like bow, axe, armors, tools like shovel, fishing rod, and so on. We have complete details for all of it so you would, by the end of this, become a pro.

Basic Minecraft enchantments guide

enchantments books guide


To do ample enchantments, you must have some experience. An excellent way to start is by disenchanting the items you gain at the beginning of the game.

This will provide you enough XP and level to do some reasonable level Minecraft enchantments.

minecraft enchanting table

How to put multiple enchantments on an item in Minecraft?

We will tell you how to get different enchantments in this Minecraft enchantment guide. The best way to do it is to combine the enchantments from two books. Another way is to do it in an anvil with an enchanted book. Minecraft enchantment table is used to enchant your weapons, armors, and tools by using the experience points.

Minecraft best enchantments

Here, we have given some best Minecraft enchantments:

Best Bow Enchantments


  • Infinity (MAX 1): It will make sure that you will not get out of your arrows.
  • Arrow Damage (MAX 5): Arrow will do more considerable damage
  • Unbreaking (MAX 3): Reduces the chance to lose its durability.
  • Punch: Knockback Minecraft improved significantly.

Best Trident Minecraft enchantments

  • Loyalty (MAX 3): Just as the name suggests, it commits your Trident. A loyal Trident is, of course, a better Trident. It will eventually come back to you if you throw it, and the speed depends on your level—a must for all the ranged items.
  • Unbreaking (MAX 3): Tired of getting your item getting broken? Unbreaking III will reduce the chances of your it’s durability lost over time and use.
  • Mending: Use your XP to repair your issues if the durability has been reduced. A most potent feature, I would say. You can find out ways to do Minecraft mending here.
  •  Channeling: Strike with a lightning bolt on your enemies. Hit them during a thunderstorm to see the miracle.

Best Helmet Enchantments Minecraft


  • Protection: Used for general security up to 4% of the attack you receive.
  • Aqua Affinity: In the depth of waters, you get a penalty. It will remove it allow you to walk freely even in water.
  • Thorns: Enemies will get damage.
  • Respiration (MAX 3): Its a must of if you are exploring the waters. Will allow you to hold the breath for a pretty long time.

Minecraft enchantments for swords

minecraft diamond sword

  • Looting: What’s the meaning of looting without a great loot? Find high booties with this sword enchantment.
  • Bane of Antrhopods: Increase the damage to Anthropods
  • Mending: A tricky thing to do, but it’s worth it. Mend your Sword and keep its durability high. But remember that mending takes XP.
  • Unbreaking (MAX 3): Reduces the chance to lose its strength.
  • Sharpness  (MAX 5): Only a sharp sword would cut your enemies into half, best of a melee attack.
  • Smite: The best option indeed against the monsters

Best Crossbow Minecraft Enchantments:

  • Mending: An ultimate way to keep the equipment in high spirits. Increased durability while using XP.
  • Quick Charge (MAX 3): Crossbows are usually slow. So this Minecraft enchantment will help you load your crossbow faster.
  • Piercing (MAX 4): A lovely shot is one that passes through your enemy. Use this to see the epic scene.
  • Unbreaking (MAX 3): Reduces the chance to lose its durability.
  • Multishot (MAX 1): Three arrows in place of one.

Best Fishing Pole Enchantments

  • Lure (MAX 3): Sometimes, it’s tiring of waiting for the fish. Let’s lure them to us with this enchantment.
  • Luck of the Sea(MAX 3): Let’s increase our chances of winning a remarkable loot at sea.
  • Unbreaking (MAX 3): Reduces the chance to lose its durability.

Best Tools Enchantments | Axe, Shovel & Pickaxe & Shovels

minecraft tools

  • Unbreaking (MAX 3): Reduces the chance to lose its durability.
  • Mending: An terminal system to hold things with durability.
  • Sharpness (MAX 5): Will help you work better with your Axe.

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