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15 Best Tips for Minecraft Mending | How does mending works in Minecraft

Minecraft mending takes a little time from you to understand the mechanism, but once you learn it, you can become a pro. Let’s save your tools and item from rust and mend them today with us. Because these 15 best Minecraft Mending tips will make you a professional player. Let’s dive into the details right now!

What is mending in Minecraft?

Mending will use your gained XP to repair your tools, armor, or weapons automatically. Furthermore, it can be applied to anything that has durability, and it’s just a single level enchantment. To mend your Minecraft tools like weapons, armors, you need some XP. This XP can be gained quickly by killing mobs or mining.

How to get Mending in Minecraft

minecraft mending book

The best tip is to keep creating a world unless you get spawned near a village. Not just a mere village, but a village with a librarian would be ideal who can offer you a Minecraft mending book. Going to the librarian and trading with him can give you an excellent enchantment book. You will need to create more worlds and keep respawning until you find a librarian with a book.

Minecraft Commands

Making a villager do mending for you

Find an unemployed villager; you will find a lot in the current situation. Place the new lectern block near it. Once they become a librarian, trade with them. They may or may not offer Minecraft mending books. If they don’t offer Minecraft mending the book, make them unemployed again. Do it till they give you what you want.

Making an employed villager do Minecraft mending

If you want to convert an employed villager to do mending stuff, you will first need to make him unemployed. When their work tab gets empty, put a lectern near them so they would become Minecraft librarian.

minecraft beacon

Find Minecraft mending book by Fishing

minecraft fishing

Minecraft fishing is an important aspect and it’s not a guarantee, still, there’s a chance. And chances are powerful. Firstly, make an enchanted fishing rod in Minecraft. Now, go fishing with that rod. If you be lucky enough during your Minecraft Fishing adventure, you will find your Mending Book.

Minecraft Bow with infinity mending capability

According to the developers, giving Bow the power to mend would give it ultimate power, and it would disrupt the game’s balancing mechanism. As we know, mending can be done to almost any item you will find in this masterpiece game. But again, Bow with infinity is an exception.

Observer Minecraft

How to do enchantment with mending

If, after putting so much effort, you were able to find Minecraft mending enchantment book, congratulation. The work is not done yet, so you have to find the best, only the best tool for it. Ideally, if the tool, weapon, or armor made of diamond, so you get the maximum out of the mending enchantment. Now go to an anvil. If you don’t have one build it first.

How to make anvil for Minecraft mending?

Yes, good question, now you need a lot of iron for that. Iron will help you make an anvil for mending. It’s a significant investment that you will do in this game, and you will never regret building it.

Treasure Encachment

Minecraft chest

More to remember is, it cannot be made on the enchantment table, as it can only be found in the chests or the places we have told you about. The Minecraft wiki has explained it already, so make sure you won’t waste time on the table.

Village Farms

Why not build your village? As It will provide you with a large number of villagers. Keep trading with them, and eventually, you will find someone who will be trading your required item i.e, Minecraft Mending Book. This is the most efficient way, I believe. What more to say is, you can make them librarians increase the chance of finding a mending book.

minecraft enchanting table

More places to find Minecraft mending book

The list is pretty long, we have explored ourselves some areas, and we are recommending you to search for the Minecraft mending book there.

  • End Cities: The castle-like structure can be a good source of your book finding campaign
  • Tunnels: Caves are dark and are filled with fortunes. Find your luck here too
  • Dungeons: Explore dark and dangerous dungeons and fight enemies to find Minecraft mending book
  • Mines: Dig your way and create mines. Mostly, from layer 12-16 you will find better resources
  • Mineshafts: These will give you a number of mines to explore

But keep in mind that you must do hard work and search with wide-open eyes for it.

Efficient Trading

Go for trading, find a villager, and ideally a librarian. Moreover, check out if he’s offering the mending book. If not, look for other villagers.

Be a Raider



Raid a village, plight it for your cause to get loot. Looting Minecraft is really important part of the game. Because raiding a town may give you precious items, including your highly rare book, the Minecraft mending book. Though you have to fight vigorously to win and earn the reward.

Minecraft Enchantments

Unbreaking Minecraft Enchantment

To increase your item’s durability, whether its a tool, weapon, or armor unbreaking Minecraft Enchantment is very important. These enchanted items will never ditch you ever again.


And last but not least, XP is critical as you need its constant supply for the item you have enchanted by mending them. Moreover, you must explore ways to get more XP for these items. Build XP farms for this so you would have a constant supply of XP.

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Minecraft Diamond

Minecraft Anvil

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